Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Relationships #2 of 4: Assumptions

Tonight, Rob spoke about good assumptions and bad assumptions. At least, that's what I presuppose.

The reading was 1 Samuel 17:22-27; 31-40; 18:5-9. (read it online here)

The scenario on the Scruples card read:

"On a regular basis, you witness your coworker drinking on the job. This person is a high wage earner for the company and his drinking hasn't affected his performance. He also has a family and four small children. The company has a strict policy on drinking on the job - immediate dismissal. You have approached him personally but he tells you to mind your own business. What do you do - alert your boss or stay silent?"

You can download the podcast by clicking here. (16MB / 0:57)

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Nige said...

Great to have this up again