Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Relationships #3 of 4

Tonight, Brett spoke about isolation, with paradoxical help from Bruce Jenkins, author of My Home, My Castle and It's Not Assault If It's Home Defence.

Our scripture reading was a story from 2 Samuel 13. (read the full text online here)

The scenario on the Scruples card was:

"You are enjoying yourself at a dinner party, when somewhere between main and dessert, another guest makes a comment about your dress sense. Do you (a) make a sarcastic jibe in return (b) find a reason to go home early (c) laugh it off with an innocent comment (d) wait for your moment and comment on their weight?"

You can download the podcast by clicking here. (14 MB / 48:55)

To summarise Brett's conclusions:

1. Cultivate a lack of restraint for the interests of others.

2. Deal with the impulse toward celebrity.

3. Lean away from isolation.

Take care of yourselves, and each other. (ῧ)

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Nige said...

cheers Steve. Can yo put these on itunes also so I can listen on my iphone? They used to go up there.