Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Relationships #4 of 4: Manipulation

Tonight, Brett spoke about manipulation, with help from the Rt Hon Sir Jeremy Smythe MP, author of his best-selling exposés Where The Other Candidates Went Wrong, Some More of the Other Candidates’ Greatest Mistakes, and Who Are These Other Candidates Anyway?

Our reading was from 1 Kings 1:5-18 & 22-26.

The scenario on the Scruples card read:

"You arrive home late after a night out with friends only to discover your flatmate, partner, mother waiting for you. The problem? Someone ate the last piece of cheesecake and you are the prime suspect. What's more you are being accused of a whole list of things you didn't do. You know it wasn't you, in fact you are pretty sure it was Keith. But the really annoying thing is that your food is constantly going missing and your accuser is the likely culprit. You try to put it off till morning but there's no stopping the discussion. What do you do?"

You can download the podcast by clicking here. (14.5MB / 0:50)

To summarise Brett's conclusions:

1. Take control of not being in control.

2. Practice listening to the values and preferences of others.

3. Get a better agenda.

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